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Wednesday, July 8, 2009



My name is Sarra, I am 12 years old and I love reading books. I like reading books about fantasy characters. I don’t really enjoy books about fantasy worlds much, and I like my books to take place on Earth. I also enjoy books with action and a little bit of romance in them. Some of my absolute favorite books in the world is the whole Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Another one of my favorite series is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. You know how everyone says that your not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover? Well, to be honest, I do it anyway. I like the books with covers that really grab your attention. I like a book with a cover that says, "Hey read me! I’m interesting." Anyway, I just thought that having a blog would be a good way to share with others what kind of books are really fun to read.


Hi, I’m Tracy (Sarra’s mom) and I’m an avid reader. I enjoy suspense novels, contemporary romance, ghost stories, an occasional horror book and novels that involve American history. I don’t particularly care for fantasy fiction or chic-lit. I read quite a bit of non-fiction, but don’t review them because I don’t normally read them front to back. You might find a non-fiction review here or there, if they really strike a chord with me though. I enjoy romance and love to read about Navy Seal or special forces heroes who aren’t over-the-top Alpha males - a "real" fictional hero respects his fictional heroine and allows her to make her own decisions. Nothing kills the mood of a good story like a man trying to dominate a woman cave-man style. My favorite author is Suzanne Brockmann, but I also enjoy Heather Graham, Susan Donovan, Elizabeth Lowell, Heather Lowell (Elizabeth Lowell’s daughter), Tina Wainscott, Lori Foster, Cindy Gerard, Beverly Barton, Rebecca York, and Katherine Sutcliffe. I’m looking forward to sharing my fun with other book readers and hearing what you have to say about the books we’ve read.


Jamie said...

I am looking forward to reading all the great reviews by tracy and sarra (who happens to be my best friend)

sarah said...

looking forward to reading your reviews! i love all sorts of books!

a good series a friend of mine told me about is sisters grimm. it's a lot of fun!